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What limitations do you believe?

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What limitations do you believe?

What limitations do you believe?

In 1955 and at the age of 67, Emma Gatewood, mother of 11 and grandmother of 23, became the first woman to thru-hike the 2168-mile Appalachian Trail solo.

It makes you wonder what limitations we hold as fact that might be a belief we acquired along the way–a belief we could just as easily put down as hold.  Do you think you are too old?  Too fat?  Too young?  Do you worry you don’t have the right education?  Or the right experience?  Do you think only men can do that?  Or only people who already have money?  Do you feel other people have advantages you do not?

What voices do you listen to that tell you it can’t be done?

What would you be doing if you did not believe that limitation?

I am certain there were plenty of people telling Emma Gatewood she was too old or for any number of reasons (including she was a woman) she shouldn’t attempt to hike the entire Appalachian Trail alone.  Maybe she had internal voices saying things, too.

She obviously did not listen.  What could you do if you stopped listening to the clatter of limitations you currently believe?

Imagine your dream in detail often.  Make a plan that moves you in the direction of your goal.  Surround yourself with people who will tell you — “You go girl”!

And then go…..

You only have to take one step at a time, and with each successful step you become stronger, bolder and closer to your dream!

What dreams do you have that you hold yourself back from following?

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