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Are you unstoppable – like this woman?

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Are you unstoppable – like this woman?

Are you unstoppable – like this woman?

This woman suffered outer circumstances you and I could not imagine.  Yet, she is unstoppable.  Are you?

Jane was pulled out of school by the age of 9 years old,  married by 12,  had 5 children and lived in poverty.  Yet, Jane decided to make sure her own children were educated.  Then she decided to become educated herself. (Note: decisions are key, you can wish and whine until you die — or you can decide.)  She learned basic math, bookkeeping, and income-generating skills, as well as how to save money and secure loans as part of the income training in The Unstoppable Foundation’s 5-pillar development model.  She developed skills that positioned her as a leader in her community.

Her decision and subsequent actions created inspiration for her husband who also got educated.  Then he organized the men in the village to become educated.

Next, their village agreed to stop marrying girls by age 12 and now commit to everyone being educated.

8 years later from her decision to come out of poverty she has changed her whole village to one that is prospering and sustainable.  You can read more about her and others like her here.

The key to being unstoppable is going after something you have a strong desire for, like Jane when she determined her children (even her girls) were going to be educated.  If you are doing what you are passionate about — you will be unstoppable!

How do you figure out what you are passionate about?  Take time to listen to your quiet inner voice through meditation, retreats and journalling.  Take time to fantasize the life of you dreams.  Dream big.  Notice what things make you feel enlivened and what things drain you. You can start today.  Take my free quiz and then listen to the free meditation audio you will receive.  It will help you move your imagination until you can dream of a life that brings you joy, not every once in awhile–but every day.


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