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What makes a successful entrepreneur?

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What makes a successful entrepreneur?

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

In a September 3, 2014 Forbes article by Jenny Q. Ta, Checklist Of Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur, she points out some really important traits of successful entrepreneurs.

But she misses the key ingredient. ALL successful entrepreneurs have a burning desire to create something very specific. In other words, any one who achieves note worthy success always has a definite goal — one they can visualize in great detail. And because they know deeply what the goal is they create plans and take actions to accomplish it, which are driven by a very strong desire to see it through.

With a goal they deeply desire in their heart and mind, they THEN use the traits Jenny speaks of—self confidence, self-motivation, tenacity, honesty about their own limitations, healthy disrespect for rules, and willingness to fail—to go after their goal no matter what others say, no matter if they succeed at first,….no matter what!

Many entrepreneurs fail before they get very far because at the first sign of obstacles they lack the burning desire to make their idea happen, no matter what. It is this goal deeply imbedded in their mind in bold color and detail that makes other entrepreneurs succeed against apparently overwhelming odds. I love the story about Fanny Hurst in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, where Hill describes Hurst getting 36 rejections from the Saturday Evening Post before getting them to publish her first story. He goes on to state that most writers, or people in most any profession, would have quit at the first “No”. Hill is right, most do. And the secret to becoming successful at whatever you do is having a burning desire to see your goal happen. When you have that you will learn, do and be whatever it takes.

So I challenge you to find a goal that is truly worthy of your time, your attention, and your life. Then you will have the passion it takes to be a self-made Female Millionaire. If you need help finding your passion, or creating a business that creates wealth pursing what you love, I can help you.

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