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Slow & Steady; not always best

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Slow & Steady; not always best

Slow & Steady; not always best

Do you discard and devalue work (especially your own) that is done quickly?

Most of us do. Yet, sometimes the best ideas, the ones that add the most value to the world, are truly sparks of genius. And these sparks don’t always take massive time to enact.

In our modern world of technology, we can have an idea in the morning and by evening have put up a website, recorded a video training, and launched this whole new idea on Facebook and Twitter bringing people to our site and selling it. Does that make what we have to offer less valuable? It depends.

The value depends on the idea, what it does for your customer, and how much it impacts them and the world–not on the time you take to do it. Wallace Wattles in his classic little green book The Science of Getting Rich calls it “use value” and explains use value as more important than monetary value. In other words, it is more important how much use someone will get out of something than how much it cost you (in time OR money) to produce it. In fact, one of my favorite women thought leaders, Danielle LaPorte, posted a blog about doing great things quickly. In it she lists seven steps to quick results, a few of them my favorite mantras:

  1. Listen to your heart and follow what makes you excited,
  2. Believe you can,
  3. Trust yourself,
  4. Focus on your goal, above all the daily trivia that beckons!

As you enter into setting goals for this upcoming year, I challenge you to set deadlines that scare you a bit. Be outrageous in the goals you want to achieve. Because as my mentor, Bob Proctor, likes to say, “The work will expand to the time allotted to it!”  So give yourself deadlines that require focus and prevent the work from expanding and daily trivia from derailing your amazing inspirations.

Then when you are here, this day next year, you can look back and smile at how amazing the year was and all you accomplished in so little time!

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