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Do you have too much to do?

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Do you have too much to do?

Do you have too much to do?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have way too much to do.

You probably work longer hours than you ever did at your previous job, but you don’t mind because your feel inspired and the income you create from your work, well it’s yours!

Even still, I know you probably wish for some relief, right?

A while back I hired a VA (virtual assistant) rather than adding staff to my coaching business.  I wasn’t sure I would like working with someone remotely.  I wasn’t sure I could give them everything they needed to do the job correctly without physically sharing tangible things.  I learned quickly, I can.

The results since I hired Kathy, founder of Time on Task VA Services, have been fantastic.  What I love about having Kathy and her team helping me is that my projects that would have hung, waiting for completion, get completed and out to you.  For example, this past month I did a live free training on writing a business plan to help entrepreneurs like you get investment or debt funding or to just improve your decision making.  As part of the what attendees got, or that you can still buy on my website, was a full business plan template.  I had put a lot of time into researching and drafting the template and it was ready to add to the download package. However, I wanted my logo at the top and on the front page where I would recommend you put yours–so you can cut and paste your stuff right into where mine is and see exactly where to do it.  I was traveling and did not have access to my files, so this would have hung in my to do list until I returned next week.  And when I returned, I would probably have a number of pressing items requiring my attention so it probably would have been pushed into the following week.  And then, who knows.

Don’t you have a lot of half finished great ideas like that, too?  Well instead of the template remaining in my to do list; I emailed Kathy and her team proofed my draft, got my logo in the right places, sent it out to the live training attendees, and put it up on my website for sale.  Whew!  Now my clients have what I promised, I have another product available for sale and my hard work actually is doing what it should–helping women become successful.  Without Kathy and her crew my great ideas might still be sitting in my desktop or on the proverbial shelf, not doing anyone any good.

Are there projects that an in-house employee could do that a virtual assistant cannot?  You bet, I still have piles of business cards from different events I need to get into my mailing list.  They require someone that has the cards.  Is it less costly to have someone work for you directly?  Usually, if you have enough work to justify a full time person, or can find a quality person part-time.  I wasn’t ready to be responsible for someone’s income yet.  My virtual assistant relationship with Kathy allows me to give her only what I need done and then only pay for that.

If you have more on your plate than you can manage, I highly recommend you look at ways of off-loading the work that others can do so you can focus on the work that makes your business what it was meant to be.  You can hire virtual assistants to do much of your administrative work.  You can also hire virtual CPA’s to do your accounting and bookkeeping.  There are people who focus just on social media and others who can help with website design and development.  Be creative and find the areas of your work that are either not getting done and need to, or that take too much of your time away from what you do best.

Work smarter not harder to successfully reach your goals and you will find you have reached your destination in less time with more fun!

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  1. July 27, 2016 - 5:13 am

    Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inrtehceno. Not this!

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