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What is Your 2015 Destination?

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What is Your 2015 Destination?

What is Your 2015 Destination?

How often have you said you really want to pursue an idea, but you never start?

Your pursuit ends up as an “if, then” scenario. You want to pursue that idea; however, until happens or because of Y you will have to postpone your dream?  You know the story, probably all too well. I have been prey to this type of thinking myself at times.

I know your situation definitely justifies your caution, responsibility to others, and care in creating any change. You have kids, they need your time and you plan to wait until they are grown.  Lately, your marriage does not feel robust enough to handle the stress of you investing time in a new venture. You have debt and bills, and this current job keeps everything afloat–regardless of how life sucking it feels.  And now your aging parent requires more of your time as well.
Despite the apparent facts and conditions that prove you need to bide your time, this story will not change with the passing of days and months. The reasons why you cannot follow your dreams may morph; however, new obstacles will always appear. The only person who can change this story is YOU!

By staying stuck, you not only sap your own life force, you are also sapping the spontaneity and energy from your relationships, your bank account, and yes, even your sex life.  In fact, the longer you let your dreams float by–always out of reach–the less energy you have to offer to all the facets of your life. So although it is tempting to play it safe, most likely you’re actually growing the very problems that hold you back.  And with each passing year, your dreams fade, your inner intuition that gives you these sparks of ideas grows silent, and you become more and more a slave to outer circumstances.

I challenge you, as you welcome in 2015, to completely let go of thoughts about ‘why not’ and focus solely on what it is you would do if those ‘why nots’ did not exist. Put all your energy into the vision of what it might look like if you were pursuing your dreams, living with passion, and experiencing prosperity beyond your wildest imagination!

Every successful entrepreneur I know at some point had to take a leap of faith and risk things.  At some point to be successful you will too.  I talk about my own leaps in my webinar, “3 Keys to Massive Success“, and why these leaps are essential for success.

The trick is to take your attention off of all the reasons why not. You can trust yourself to stay in integrity with everyone and everything that needs you–even while moving forward–without allowing them to dictate your actions. When you set your sights on your dreams and the feeling of achieving them, it is like ascending from the low land to a mountain peak with much greater vistas and visibility to a multitude of possibilities. Once you remove your attention from what is and why not to what could be, your intuition, creativity, and passion will help you find solutions to make it all happen that you never could see from the trenches.

The alternative is staying where you are, doing what you are doing, and ending up this next year in about the same place.

Imagine 2015 as a personal journey. To start a journey you need to know where you are going. To overcome obstacles and not allow setbacks to turn you around, your destination needs to be so important that it fuels your resourcefulness and creativity.  When I drive to a new place I have no idea what the streets will look like and I do not need to know each one at the beginning of the trip. Yet, I must know where I am headed so I can evaluate if I am on course and make choices when I arrive at crossroads.

The same is true for you and your 2015 journey. Create a destination worthy of your journey and you will be certain to arrive.



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