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What can CEO’s learn from a children’s author?

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What can CEO’s learn from a children’s author?

What can CEO’s learn from a children’s author?

One of my favorite children’s authors, Madeleine L’Engle, can actually help you skyrocket your business success!

How?  By following the same formula she followed to become one of the world’s revered authors.  What was her trick?

Madeleine submerged herself in playing the piano to inspire her creativity in writing.  She read books on quantum physics and cellular biology, not as research for her books; but to widen her depth of knowledge.  These ideas she became familiar with later became cornerstones for her classic novels, A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind in the Door.

According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s 1996 book Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention, Einstein also resorted to similar devices saying most of his best breakthroughs happened while playing the violin as a break from his work.

Do you yearn for a major breakthrough in your business or your income? Or are you looking for a new idea to take you out of your current circumstance all together?  If so, read on for some tricks you probably are not using to catapult your success.

You probably still spend nights working late, weekends researching and reviewing, and basically performing on high gear non-stop — hoping for an extraordinary leap. Yet, nothing could be further from productive when it comes to gaining the aid of your subconscious or creative mind which is your true source of genius and breakthrough ideas.

In fact, conversely to your current work pattern you want to spend time reading material totally unrelated to your field–often. This not only feeds your mind new ideas, it opens doors and pathways to parallel solutions from what you are reading into your own field, when you least expect it.

Similarly, do you ever schedule creativity breaks to play an instrument or oil paint for an hour midday?  

Sound ridiculous? That is exactly what I am suggesting you do.  Invest time in things that help your subconscious mind become involved in your efforts and you will see your efforts skyrocket. Maybe you don’t paint or play the violin, but it is time to find a creative outlet to indulge in that you will enjoy and be absorbed by when you are doing it.

Your subconscious mind needs first and foremost, a break from your intellect.  As long as you are depending on your senses and conscious intellect your subconscious will remain quiet.  That is why you so often have breakthrough ideas in the middle of the night, in the shower, or while driving–the door is finally open and the noise of our intellectual mind is not so loud.  The key is to schedule more time to activities other than work; time when you’re not pushing to achieve, succeed, solve and perform.

Another trick to bring your subconscious creativity to the forefront is play.  Yes, I said it.  You can improve your success by playing more.  Having fun will benefit your life in many ways and one of them will be in the number of success creating ideas you start to have.

If you want ideas for how others have done this you can read Maria Popova’s review of Eintstein’s Ideas and Opinions. where she looks at his idea of “combinatory play” and has links to other ideas on the subject.

But most importantly, find something that puts a smile on your face and pulls you out of your work world–routinely!

What puts that smile on your face? I’d love to hear your ideas — please share them with the group on my Facebook Page.

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