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No Time Like the Present!

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No Time Like the Present!

No Time Like the Present!


There is no time like the present to be a female entrepreneur!

I am so blessed to be working with amazing women from all around the globe who are doing such diverse work—often reshaping their industry from high tech to education, even real estate.

Some of the women I work with are truly at the top of their field, and know it. Others have top-of-the field ideas; however, are uncertain how to implement them or lack confidence in their own capacity to achieve their dreams.

Where do you fall in this spectrum? Do you have ideas you know could be impactful on the world, your bank account, or both—but you are not moving on them? Do you hold back based on your own skill set, your current circumstances, or just not knowing where to start?

I once read that most ideas are still born and have to be given our attention to come to life.

After over 30 years in business, I have to agree. I have witnessed great ideas sit useless—remaining only part of someone’s small talk over dinner; to a small solution to solve a problem morph and grow into what we now call the Internet.

Moving forward on ideas is the most crucial point in success. Even small steps can create the momentum you need to get off the ground. Have you ever noticed how slowly those big semi-trucks get started after stopping? But once they are moving, they take a long distance to come to a stop.

Ideas are like that, too. You do not need to have a full business plan and team in place before you start to take action. Create a plan that allows you to take small steps each day towards your goal and you will be amazed at how much easier it becomes, day by day. In fact, the universe starts to conspire to help you—once you commit and start to take action.

What can you do today, right now, to move your idea a little closer to life? Make a short list of things that can be done. Are there phone calls you can make? Can you research something you need to know to move forward? Start your day, every day, by spending 30 minutes on moving your idea forward and watch how much progress you make before you even know it!

Whether you are a business executive looking to branch out on your own or a small business owner with a plan to grow to a Fortune 500 company, your idea requires nurturing and a definite plan—and unless you start, you will never be on your way. Enjoy the process! It is often as much fun as achieving the goal!

If you need support charting your course, I would love to help you. I provide women like you, the support you need to organize your creative process into an action plan that gets you results.


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