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Supporting Today’s Entrepreneur

Supporting Today’s Entrepreneur

Twenty years ago coaching and supporting entrepreneurs was all about the nuts and bolts–creating business plans, projections, managing cash flow.

Today, we are still looking at those factors; however, we are also asking questions about what type of business complements your strengths, where do you want to be in 10 years, and what do you enjoy doing! It’s an exciting time where our business and financial efforts are actually aimed at fulfilling our deepest yearnings, not just our bank accounts.

Ironically, entrepreneurs who still follow the model of only looking at market opportunities and financial projections actually miss out on a key component to success–providing massive value.

Everyone knows they need to meet customer needs to create value. However, those who are passionate about what they do and see it meeting their own long-term personal goals are much more likely to create a formula that goes the extra-mile to meet their customer needs. So by building a business that actually “lights your own fire” you are able to create products and services that not only meet but actually exceed customers’ expectations.  

These are the ideas most likely to catapult you and your company to success.

You will still want to have sound financials, great marketing strategies, and an excellent team. Yet, the key to real and sustainable success lies in creating a business that inspires you and keeps you thinking about it long beyond the 9 to 5 workday; not because you are afraid to fail, but because you are so excited about the possibilities.

When I coach women entrepreneurs, regardless of their stage of business, we always make sure the plans we are developing meet their personal long term dreams and fire them up day to day. To learn more about coaching with me click here.


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