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Tips for Success as a Woman in Business

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Tips for Success as a Woman in Business

Tips for Success as a Woman in Business

When you want to succeed, the fastest method is to put yourself in the company of other successful people.

Listen to them. Hear their stories. Watch their decisions, their relations, and their work. And you do not even have to know each of these people personally to benefit from their wisdom. In fact, most successful people often read and what they read is frequently biographies of other people; modern and historical legends.

As women, history books often left us only reading about men. However, there were many women who made their mark on history and shaped our current world. Today, there are still amazing women doing great things. And you can learn from them by hearing how they got to their positions of influence and what they recommend based on what they have learned.

I am collecting a series of Interviews with Influential Women at to help you learn from women who have created their own success in today’s world. I frequently tell you that you, too, can be successful — a Female Millionaire.

These women–Stevie Award winner, Lisa Tener, CEO of Proctor and Gallagher, Sandy Gallagher, and Founder of The Women’s Venture Fund, Monica Dodi— are full of spunk, confidence, and wisdom. Their stories will help you see clearly your own path to success and remind you that it is possible for you to go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, now!

You can read Interviews with Influential Women here.

I am adding more regularly! So be sure to stay connected and learn about new interviews as they are published.

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