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Are you moving towards your goals?

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Are you moving towards your goals?

Are you moving towards your goals?

I hope your year is going exactly how you were hoping. As you finish the first quarter of 2015, it is a good time to assess where you are and where you want to be, in terms of moving towards your goals.

Each year about now, I often fall back into old patterns—have you? My tendency is to get busy and somewhat forget my real goals, in lieu of what is pressing in the moment.

If you find you, too, have done this—now is the time to reset your sights. Do what it takes for you to make sure you are making forward motion on the things that really matter.

Without conscious attention to your goals, you will find yourself in the same place at the end of the year that you began.

Here are some easy tricks to help you get back on track. Create a big flip chart with your main goals on it, that you look at every day—cross things off, remember what is key to achieve your dreams, and make these things front and center to your daily agenda. Journal about what it will look like when you have achieved your dream, as if you already have. Or record your goals and play them softly while you are cooking, exercising, or even brushing your teeth as a way to reinforce them in your subconscious.

You probably have some good tricks yourself. Use mine; use yours—either way, take action.

Even if you have lost momentum for your 2015 goals, there is still three-fourths of the year remaining. Like any good sailor who notices she is off course, just reset your sails and enjoy the journey. Let me know how it’s going!

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