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Don’t Live Flatlined: Turn your Passion into Reality

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Don’t Live Flatlined: Turn your Passion into Reality

Don’t Live Flatlined: Turn your Passion into Reality

When you talk about your goals, projects, or work do you light up, start talking faster and with enthusiasm?

If not, you need to really question whether you are trading your precious time–of which you can never get back–for something worthy of your investment.

Today on a group call, I was once again overwhelmed at the difference it makes when someone hits upon the spark of their own genius.  This group has been working together for almost 6 months and the woman who found her million dollar business idea starting talking about it–as an aside, at the end of the call.  “Oh by the way, I was thinking about… and what do you think?”

For six months I have watched her on these video calls talk about her work, her challenges, her ideas for possible new ventures.  Never had I seen her this animated and in charge of the topic.  When she was done describing her question all I could say was, “Yes!”  “Do it!”

Her willingness to venture down a path she really loved–even if just at the final minutes of the call, is probably the first step to her making millions over the next few years.  She is passionate about the idea, she will enjoy working on it, she already knows about it just out of personal interest, and most importantly her passion is contagious!  I immediately was drawn to help her to ensure her success–because it sounded so good.  With the energy she demonstrated during those final minutes she will draw suppliers, employees, customers and investors without the effort she has been giving–which has been more like pushing water upstream.  Everyone else on the call agreed, this was her next big goal to pursue.

Is there something you enjoy but don’t think you can make a business out of it?

That is what the woman on this call originally thought.  However, by pursuing something she can get emotionally engaged in, she will come up with more and more ideas that will generate money off this base plan.  Once you set your subconscious mind in motion, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will present themselves.  The key is the subconscious mind only gets set in motion when you are emotionally charged over the idea.

Statistics say that most of you are pursuing things–careers, businesses, projects–that are flat.  If we could hook you up to an emotional vibration meter while you talked about what you do your vibration meter would look flatlined, similar to an EKG on someone when their heart stops and they die.  I know I sound serious, and I am.  The difference in your life, financial results, health and happiness are all tied to pursuing a worthy idea!  Not an idea worthy of press coverage; an idea worthy of your energy and time–your life.

Napoleon Hill said every successful person he interviewed –EVERY single one, was doing what they loved.  The other 96% of the people were doing what they thought they needed to do, what they had always done, what someone else wanted them to do, or what they felt they had committed to do.

If you need help finding you passion, I can help.

If you know what your passion in life is, but have been hesitant to act–start moving in the direction of your goal today.  Commitment to the goal and even small steps forward will bring into your life people, circumstances, and things that will move you towards your dream, a dream that is unimaginable today, but a real possibility!

The key is to keep growing, keep moving, keep committing to yourself and your worthy dreams.  You will feel more alive and I guarantee you your checking account will become a mirror image of the vitality your feel!

If you are ready to talk about your passion and goals and take some real steps to reach that goal, contact me and we can get started today.

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