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Gender Diversity and YOU (part 3)

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Gender Diversity and YOU (part 3)

Gender Diversity and YOU (part 3)

In the last few blogs we have looked at gender diversity and how the lack of it affects you and your career.  

Looking at what you can do to offset the status quo so it doesn’t hold you back I talked about your belief in yourself and your access to power through collaboration. Today we are going to look at one of the biggest reasons I think the glass ceiling stays in tack.

Many women are working in organizations that neither feed or enliven their soul. In fact, the majority of women complain about their work sucking their life force! If making it to the top of your organization feeds your ego but not your soul, then you do not have a burning desire to get there. Rather than continue to push yourself forward, it might be time to reassess your goal.

Or maybe you can reframe your goal so that you are not just heading for the top of your organization to get there; but you are planning on changing it to better enliven your soul and everyone else in the organization too.

Most organizations have been made by men and designed after the military complex they once served. This makes many women (and some men) uncomfortable–but most are resigned to it, thinking it’s just the way it is. However, for organizations to succeed into the next century they will need to adapt and be very different from those Carnegie, Rockafeller and Hill built at the early days of the steel, oil and railroad industries.

Your skills and differences might be the exact thing your organization needs to succeed. You just need to expand your vision of what that means to you. Once you set a goal that lights up your imagination, then the glass ceiling will shatter because you will be unstoppable.

Whether you stay or you leave is an internal choice that no one but you can make. Just make sure you start to evaluate what makes you enthusiastic to start the day. If it isn’t what you spend most of your waking hours on–then start finding ways to make a change.

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