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Are You On Purpose?

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Are You On Purpose?

Are You On Purpose?

Are you designing and living your life on purpose?

Women are much more likely to be engaged, become successful, and create more wealth when they feel their work has meaning, beyond a paycheck. It is part of the reason so many women are leaving corporate roles to be entrepreneurs — they have a greater opportunity to make an impact on their communities or the world, and their own checkbook balance.

In a fantastic New York Times op-ed, c, cited numerous examples where engineering programs (at Berkeley, MIT, Arizona State and other) with a focus on a higher purpose had 50% or higher enrollment of women compared to significantly lower enrollment in traditional engineering programs. She states,

At the core of each of the programs is a focus on engineering that is cutting edge, with an explicit social context and mission.

In my soon to be released training program, Be A Female Millionaire Wealth Development Program, I help women design a life that is on purpose, not just a job. I am able to help women create wealth from my years of business experience; but it must be based on finding a purpose that feeds the woman’s soul if it is to be sustainable.

How do you spend your days? Does your work bring meaning to your life? If not, you may want to evaluate what would — and then move into a life on purpose. You will not only be happier, you will also most likely start earning more money than ever before!


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