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Interesting Success Tip

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Interesting Success Tip

Interesting Success Tip

Here is an interesting angle and success tip to help grow your business and gain a loyal employee base.

If your operations can be modified to be parent-friendly, by offering flex-time, work from home, on-site daycare, or other family supportive benefit, you might be able to make it a competitive advantage.

Many highly qualified and experienced men and women leave the workforce or their high-intensity jobs because the company culture normally rewards behavior that is unhealthy for raising children and diminishes those who don’t play by the rules — late night hours, extensive travel, weekend work and inflexibility to outside demands such as parent-teacher meetings — or volunteering at your child’s school. This is especially true in finance and high-tech, although the issue can be found across U.S. industries.

Rather than fill your ranks with typical start-up over-achievers to get your business to grow fast through long hours, you might consider filling the ranks with experienced people whose hours worked will be significantly more efficient and effective than a newbie and might save you hours of time retracing your steps out of dark allies, too. The added cost of their salaries and parent-friendly benefits could actually pay for itself in their productivity, creativity and ability to work independently, freeing you up to do more important tasks than keeping your inexperienced staff moving in the right direction.

People who love their job and are given authority to make things happen are big assets to any organization.

By providing an environment that supports your employees desire to have healthy families AND creative, productive expression at work you can attract stronger employees and give them more autonomy. You might find your company moving ahead by leaps and bounds with ease rather than the normal sweat and tears new start-ups face.

Of course, not every company can offer employees to work from home or flexible hours — your company has to be available to meet customers where and when customers are looking to do business with you. Yet, more companies could change their view of how and when work is completed than you might think. Many of the things we do are the way they are just because it is the way it has always been done.

Stand outside on a city street at noon on any weekday and watch everyone pour out of the offices and ask yourself:

  • How many of those people are hungry?
  • How many of those people would get better and faster service if they went to lunch at 1 or 2pm?
  • How much easier would it be on everyone (restaurants, management, and the employees) if employees took lunch at various times through the day?
  • How many more customers who can only do personal business at lunch could get served if everyone wasn’t also on lunch where they needed to be served?

When you see how ridiculous some of our business habits are, then you can reassess whether there is a new way to operate your own company that would give you better experienced employees and higher productivity, just by changing a few things.

With the number of people, men and women, pulling back on their careers to have families this could be an extremely lucrative idea. Do you have a success tip to share?

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