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Need capital to get your business going?

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Need capital to get your business going?

Need capital to get your business going?

I learned some great news for female entrepreneurs recently from one of my favorite Forbes contributors, Geri Stengel. Your chances of getting needed money to start or scale your business has gone up exponentially in the past few years.

According to the Center for Venture Research, which researches angel investments, in 2014:

  • 26% of all angels were women, increasing by an impressive 43% from the previous year.
  • 36% of all companies seeking funding were women, increasing by a whopping 83% from the previous year.
  • 28% of all companies receiving funding were women-run, a substantial 44% increase.
  • 15% of all women-run companies succeeded in raising capital vs 22% for their male counterparts.

A few years back, I was appalled to learn that less than 7% of venture capital money went to women-led companies.  This new trend in angel funding will ultimately result in more successful women-led companies and an increased interest from the venture capital funds.

The time has never been better to start a company as a woman.  If you are considering starting a company, now might be the time to take a leap of faith in yourself and do it.  Check out my past webinars or my new Be A Female Millionaire Wealth Development Program if you are looking for help getting started.

Somewhere in you is the passion to do something meaningful that brings you wealth and influence.

Find what you love and make it happen!

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