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Trouble juggling business and family?

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Trouble juggling business and family?

Trouble juggling business and family?

Do you have a tendency to say yes to more than you should – to everyone but yourself? This often results in the added challenge of juggling of business and family commitments.

We women just don’t carve time out for ourselves. And even our business goals can often take a back seat to our families and our jobs, if we have prior job commitments.

One of the quick ways I learned to be available for both my family and business — ensuring I also invest my time in things that build and develop my business is to start my day with something that ‘feeds’ me or my main goal.

What I notice is if I try to get everything done first — then take time to invest in my future — it just doesn’t happen.

Even if I only take 30 minutes at the beginning of each day to invest in me, the payoff is immense. I feel encouraged instead of discouraged. I feel empowered, happy, and excited about my goals instead of feeling like a martyr who has forsaken herself, again.

If you find yourself experiencing these frustrating feelings, decide what works for you and what you need to fill your energetic fuel tank and schedule it into the beginning of your day. 

However, it only helps if you DO it. Pick something you can do to invest in you: writing your book, planning your new business, exercise, spiritual reading, meditation, or maybe walking in nature. It can be small. The important thing is that you start your day with it — and when you do, the rewards will be large.

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