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Is your Life Missing this very Important Action to see Success?

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Is your Life Missing this very Important Action to see Success?

Is your Life Missing this very Important Action to see Success?

When was the last time you celebrated you, and what you have accomplished?

Have you patted yourself on the back for the things you did this past month?

If you are like most women, you have been a hero for other people, had some great wins this past month, and kept many other balls juggling and moving too!  But I bet you just move on from one big win to the next to-do without much fan fare, right?

I found myself doing that very thing this week.  My 12 CD and 229-page Action Planner Wealth Development Program were complete and ready to send out to women, just like you, to help you succeed.  It took almost a year and countless hours to put my 30 years of experience into a program that could help launch many women into successful businesses.

And as soon as it was ready, I was on to the next thing.  I caught myself taking a deep breath and then tackling the next thing.  Yet, this is the type of action that keeps us depleted and actually will make us under-perform and is  something I coach women not to do.  Ugh!  These patterns are sometimes hard to change.

So, how to celebrate?

I am making a list of my favorite ways to celebrate my wins and sharing them with you to help you celebrate your wins this week.

  • Take the morning or afternoon off from work
  • Go on a long hike in nature by myself
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Get a massage
  • Read something just for fun (I am reading my friend Mick Petersen’s Stella and the Timekeepers for light reading and escape.  It is a children/teen book but it was fun for me, too.)
  • Put cut flowers on my table
  • Call someone and brag about myself and tell them what’s been happening
How about you?  What do you do to celebrate your wins?

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