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What is stopping you?

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What is stopping you?

What is stopping you?

What is stopping us from both stepping up our financial capacity and speaking up collectively for gender equality? What are we waiting for?

These were the questions posed by Jacki Zehner of Women Moving Millions, the first woman to be named partner at Goldman Sachs and a major spokeswoman now for women. As Jacki points out, women actually control a large sum of money in the United States and worldwide; a sum that if directed wisely could impact gender-based violence, income inequality, and the number of women in leadership across the globe.

My goal to help create one million new women millionaires is directly aimed at increasing both our collective voice and our financial strength and influence because of the difference we can make. Statistics continue to support the idea that empowering women empowers their children and communities. Although it is vital we find creative solutions to abject poverty, it is equally important we support more women entering positions of wealth and abundance. Women who in turn can create additional businesses and organizations that will ripple gender-based improvements out even further into the world.

I have quoted these statistics before; however, they deserve repeating –often– until our collective mindset changes from one of “we have so little to power” to one that recognizes the incredible strength we already possess and act from there.

  • 27% of the current world wealth is controlled by women.
  • Women hold approximately $13.2 trillion in the U.S. alone.

Women Moving Millions states that if North American women gave 1.7 percent of their wealth to empowering women it would yield $230 billion each year and $1 trillion by 2026.

Imagine what could change with that much money invested in women!

So I echo Jacki Zehner. What are you waiting for? Either start investing or become a Female Millionaire so you, too, can begin investing!



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