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How to be in the elite 3%

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How to be in the elite 3%

How to be in the elite 3%

What would you give to be among the elite 3%?

Sometimes when I tell women executives and entrepreneurs to meditate and visualize, I can feel their inner moaning, “Let’s get to the good stuff.” They are paying me good money and they want my business expertise, not the light fare.

Women business leaders — even more so than men — are afraid to work on this inner landscape because they think it will make them appear weak and not taken seriously.

After all, meditation and visualization are for yoga instructors and people with a whole lot less going on than you, right?

Wrong! I can help you do financial projections, create stellar strategies and even show you how to scale your company into a multi-million dollar business — but if I haven’t helped you control your mind then I am wasting your time and money. Period.

To bring the seriousness of this home and move it out of the realm of touchy-feely non-essentials I recently saw Mark Williams’ talk at Boulder Start-up Week. Mark is an ex-airforce pilot. He has been trained to be tough, not weak. Mark teaches SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams. What does Mark teach them? Meditation! Why? Because it is essential to focus and control your mind in high stress settings.

Mark’s goal for his clients and my goal for you is to ensure:

  • You have access to ALL your mental faculties when you need them,
  • You can make good decisions under pressure, and
  • You can think outside the box creating solutions and opportunities beyond the norm.

Your ability to control your mind and direct your visualization on what you desire will put you in the top elite 3% of humans. From that vantage point the business skills I can teach you will propel you wherever you want to go.


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