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The Two S’s: Success & Stress

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The Two S’s: Success & Stress

The Two S’s: Success & Stress

Let’s face it, most of us live fairly stressful lives. We in “developed” countries have replaced the stress of survival –you know, worrying about our next meal and running from tigers or wolves — with lifestyle stress.

We wear our stress like a badge of honor, talking about it every chance we get. I remember in my early career actually feeling proud that I came to work and forged forward, even when I was sick. Today I am still amazed that the concept that I might be getting others sick never crossed my mind, or if it did never seemed as important as me working people under the table just like fraternity boys in college drink their brothers under the table!

Do you feel you have to live with stress to be successful? Most people think so. Yet, study after study actually show that you are less affective under stress.

So how do we achieve success with less stress?

Here are my top tips for business success with less stress:

  1. Remember that stress and overload do not equal success. You may have to remind yourself of it frequently as you wean yourself from this belief.
  2. If you sit at a desk or in front of a computer much of your day, get up and move around at least once an hour. Research shows we breath less under stress. Moving your body can remind you to breath and release muscles before they freeze into position. Even if you just stand up and move up and down on your tip toes then down to squats a few times you will increase blood flow to your brain.
  3. Work on what you love first each day.  This will fill you with positive energy, feel good hormones and enthusiasm which are my number one antidotes for stress.
  4. Put work down at a specified time each day. This is especially important if you are an entrepreneur or you work from home, since both offer flexibility to work 24/7 if you allow yourself. The time of day is not as important as your commitment to yourself and meeting it.
  5. Learn to sort the grain from the chaff.  Work on priorities and let the daily trivia sort itself out or be left to a small part of your day. I help women do this in my coaching practice and in my Wealth Development Program because it is so important to success.
  6. Find things you enjoy and invest time in them.  You will be much more productive and successful if you feed you body, mind, emotions and spirit–not just your pocketbook.

For more information on stress and tools to reduce it in your life you can read my blog “Got Stress?” at

I would love to know what you do to increase the calm in your life to ensure your ultimate success.

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