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Do you assess opportunities with a millionaire mindset?

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Do you assess opportunities with a millionaire mindset?

Do you assess opportunities with a millionaire mindset?

Most people approach opportunities that involve risk with the either-or evaluating questions of “Should I try?–But what if I fail?” Successful people usually see the same risks; yet, their either-or evaluating questions sound more like “How can I succeed? – What if I don’t try?” Both are evaluating the same go verses no-go scenario but the down side for most people is failure and the downside for successful people is not trying or staying still!

Recently, when I was telling an old college friend about my Be A Female Millionaire program she reminded me I always looked at things differently from most people. “You never asked ‘What if I fail’,” she said. “You just assumed you could do things the rest of us wouldn’t even try.” And it occured to me this is one of my millionaire mindsets I intrinsically teach people and one of my goals for my women’s empowerment work.

People always assume those of us who are successful don’t experience the fear that regular people do.  Yet, my experience and what I hear from other successful people is we do encounter the fears when facing difficult decisions, but we evaluate them differently.

My fears don’t revolve around failing, because I don’t really see attempts that don’t go as planned as failures. However, I do see stagnation, staying stuck, and not trying all as failures. These fears, for me, are more powerful than the fear that what I try might not work.  If what I try turns out poorly, I can always try a new plan or approach.  But if I never try then I have determined my failure before I even start.

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