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Sleep to Succeed

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Sleep to Succeed

Sleep to Succeed

How much sleep do you get each night? Perhaps you have good intentions for early evenings but find yourself putting the finishing touches on that proposal, updating your website, or answering an important email just a little later than planned. It’s an easy trap, doing one more thing to make tomorrow a little less stressful.

However, mounting evidence tell us that getting more sleep and tackling that little item tomorrow is much more likely to result in lower stress and greater success. Here are some details to help you convince your over-achiever side to put it down:

  • Our brains use approximately 20% of the energy our body produces in a day.
  • Sustained attention and stressful events use up glucose reserves needed in our brains.
  • Our ability to make tough decisions and avoid deleterious behavior depend on stable brain energy.
  • Lack of sleep negatively affects
    • Concentration
    • Coordination
    • Memory
    • Mood

According to Positivity Daily, “Sleep is required for the brain to do its cellular house-keeping; bad metabolites that slow things down are cleared out to make room for more glucose and other building blocks. It is also the period of time during which your brain organizes all the things you experienced during the day. A good night’s sleep will not only leave you refreshed, but also better mentally prepared for a new day.”

In her TedWomen talk, Arianna Huffington admonishes her audience of high powered women that getting more sleep is essential in long term success. She states our male counterparts may not recognize this needed change until we women lead the way, then coyly adds “Women may literally sleep our way to the top!”

If you want to be the top of your field, whatever that may be, you have a higher chance of achieving your goal by putting your work down at night and getting more zzzzz’s. Let that sink in to the part of you that works harder than anyone you know.  If you are an entrepreneur, you might feel compelled to ignor this because things won’t happen unless you do them. However, this is not just about your health, which the overachiever part of you seems to feel will handle itself. This is about your SUCCESS! You will do more, think more clearly, make sounder choices, and be more engaging to the people you depend on if you get more sleep.



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