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3 Keys to Conquering High-Stress Moments

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3 Keys to Conquering High-Stress Moments

3 Keys to Conquering High-Stress Moments

Did you know that you can easily affect your level of stress and increase your chances of success?

Stress is the result of many factors, but the net result is always the same–higher levels of cortisol in your body.  Increased cortisol lowers your creativity, decreases your ability to think, and heightens your emotions–none of which will help you succeed at your important event you are about to walk enter whether it is talking to an upset customer, asking investors for money or giving a presentation.

The great news is you can take action to reduce your levels of cortisol which will increase your ability to succeed at your goal by a large factor.  Here are the key things you can do in preparation for you big event:

  1. Stand in a power position for 2 minutes before beginning your presentation or entering the meeting. This may sound silly but standing with your arms up in the shape of a V can win you that next deal.  You may have to go into the bathroom so you don’t feel silly, but don’t pass this one by too fast.  Harvard professor, Amy Cuddy, describes her findings in a popular Ted Talk you might want to view.  It lowers your cortisol, increases your confidence, and just plain works!
  2. Eat protein a few hours before your big gig.  Dopamine and epinephrine both increase mental alertness and the tyrosine amino acid found in protein stimulates their production according to Jeff Haden, Inc. magazine contributor.
  3. We all know that exercise reduces stress, but have you tried exercising before something that is causing you anxiety? The morning ofyour big meeting hit the gym or take a power-walk before showering. Or even take a lunch-time walk if your event is later in the day.  Any type of exercise burns off cortisol and that will help you think on your feet and feel more confident as you enter your meeting.

It is amazing how simple these three actions are and yet how powerful their effect on your results can be.  Try it the very next time you feel your stress mounting. Stress and confidence do not hang out together and confidence always is a supporting actress in success.  So take action and increase your confidence, today.

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  1. July 27, 2016 - 4:29 am

    Thanks for the inighst. It brings light into the dark!

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