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Entrepreneurship Personality Quiz

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Entrepreneurship Personality Quiz

Entrepreneurship Personality Quiz

Do you have a personality likely to achieve entrepreneurial success?  Take this short quiz and find out.

Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  1. Are you likely to hold the course when obstacles mount?
  2. Are you easily swayed by the opinion of others?
  3. Do setbacks often feel discouraging?
  4. If your idea is repeatedly rejected would you assume something is wrong with your idea?
  5. When circumstances change are you able to pivot and change directions quickly?
  6. Do you tolerate ambiguity well?
  7. Do you have staying power when things go wrong?
  8. Are you extremely passionate about your ideas?

For questions 1 through 4 give yourself 5 points for “no” answers.  For questions 5 thorugh 8 give yourself 5 points for “yes” answers.  You need a score over 30 to be naturally set for entrepreneurship; however, personality characters can be developed. Look at these 6 traits and aim to work on any you feel weak in.

According to Geri Stengel, one of my favorite contributors to Forbes, there are 6 personality traits essential for success at entrepreneurship:

  • Agile learner (includes tolerating ambiguity, emotional intelligence, and intellectual curiosity.)
  • Grit (she defines it as someone who would say, “setbacks don’t discourage me.”)
  • Resilliance (the ability to sustain loss and tough times and still keep on keeping on. See my recent article published in Bob Proctor’s newsletter.)
  • Flexibility (times and technology change quickly and you need to be ready to change plans, too.)
  • Independence (entrepreneurs often have ideas that go ahead of or even against the crowd.)
  • Passion (I talk about this a lot.  Passion for your idea can cover a multitude of sins, and without it even genius cannot suffice.)

How do you feel you stack up to these traits. Practice being the person you want to be and soon you will be her!


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