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Is Your Team On-Purpose?

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Is Your Team On-Purpose?

Is Your Team On-Purpose?

Have you noticed as summer ends that everyone, not just you, has a slightly different rhythm and your team is less in sync?

All summer long different people have been on vacation at various times, focus has drifted, and your team has become less of a energized unit and more a group of people working independently towards various goals.

It is time to re-energize your group and make sure everyone is focused on the same goals and collaboration rules the day. What is the best way to achieve this? Rather than call a meeting and ask everyone to “get back into high gear,” get your team together in a meaningful way that inspires action. Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a sense of purpose everyone is working towards. Ask questions rather than giving them the answer.
    1. What is our main purpose as a business or as a group within the business?
    2. How are we doing relative to it?
    3. What can we do differently?
    4. Add your vision about a key goal whether it is customer satisfaction, revenue, or another goal as part of the conversation–not as the first thing said which can shut down conversation and not as the last which can indicate that now that they have gotten to talk the real goal is revealed making their engagement drop to zero.
  2. Identify short term group goals for the last 4 months of this year that will move you towards your group’s main purpose.
    1. Get people to volunteer for the tasks identified.
    2. Explore ways individuals can collaborate to maximize results
  3. Have each person draft 3 personal goals to achieve over the next 4 months.
    1. Ask each person to share their goals
    2. Invite others to make suggestions on how they can help that person achieve their goals.
  4. Meet monthly to assess progress and engage in a fun activity afterwards to build teamwork, encourage cooperation, and create engagement.  You might do something outside early in the fall before the weather changes and then later when winter has arrived find an indoor activity. Make it fun.  Keep the progress assessment short and meaningful and make sure you make adjustments in what people are working on to best meet your purpose.

Too often business leaders don’t notice that energy at work does not pick up where it left off before summer and they loose momentum in the last part of the year that could be a gold mine with a motivated team.

Is your team on purpose? If not, take action now.


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