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Ms. Block turned her idea into a Billion $ Business

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Ms. Block turned her idea into a Billion $ Business

Ms. Block turned her idea into a Billion $ Business

Warberg Block took a problem and is turning it into a billion dollar business, and YOU can too!

One day Warburg Block used her perfume (that gave her headaches) to rid herself of a mouse, which caused her to wonder if she could create a rodent repellant that was not toxic.  She isolated the things in her perfume that made the mouse run, and behold she had a million dollar business. Before starting her company, EarthKind, Warberg worked behind a cosmetic counter in North Dakota.

But as most entrepreneur’s stories go, this was not an end to a fairy tale story.  The EPA found out about her products and insisted on her doing a $2 million test, which of course she could not fund and her sales were stopped.

She could have folded shop, but like all successful entrepreneurs, Warberg got creative to solve this major hurdle.

She sold all sorts of personal items, found grant money, and even found a way to do the test for $200,000 instead of $2 million! Warberg is expanding her repellant line to include ants and soon roaches.  She is tackling a $65 billion pesticide market and now estimates her business will reach $1 billion sales. You can read her full story by Geri Stengel, here.

Warberg’s story exemplifies 3 key actions of successful entrepreneurs that you can do, too.
1. Take a leap of faith when you get inspiration.
2. Have perseverance when things seem to go wrong (like the EPA stopping your sales).
3. Think BIG and get help and support to achieve it.

Of course all of those are easier to do with a big dose of passion for your idea, so that is always the best place to start–and she did!

Find what you are passionate about.  It is the foundation to your happiness and your success!



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