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Nice girls finish….

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Nice girls finish….

Nice girls finish….

In the 1980’s I struggled between being considered “too nice” to be taken seriously in business and the ultimate slap of being a “hardened bitch.” Many women today still struggle with labels and image–whether as entrepreneurs or within a corporate role.

What is the magic formula?

Too often women are not themselves because they fear how they will be perceived. Yet, this is the very trap that holds them back from success

You inherently know when you are dealing with someone who is genuine, honest and straight.  It allows you to be genuine, honest and straight about your own input to a situation and solutions are found much faster than when people are courting, posturing and manipulating.

Do you, like many women. fear being yourself–especially being nice–will destroy your image as a leader in business? Take the feedback data of your own experience with people who are genuine (and those who are not) and recognize it applies to you, too.  When you enter a situation as yourself–no masks, pretense, or attempt to be what you think someone wants you to be–then you will engender

  • Cooperation,
  • Trust,
  • Teamwork, and
  • Results.

I love Kathryn Kern’s article in Forbes, “Nice Women Win: Why Being Nice Is a Business Strength” because she points out all the benefits of being nice contrary to what so many people believe.

So if you have been struggling with this dilema, try being genuine and allow your “nice girl” to exist in your professional role and see where it takes you! You will free up enormous energy currently being used to put on a personna that you can now direct to all sorts of success building activities.

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