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Are You Mentally Tough?

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Are You Mentally Tough?

Are You Mentally Tough?

When I first started in business I equated mental toughness with acting like a man and the reverse of it as being too feminine. However, the traits that actually indicate mental toughness have nothing to do with typical gender characteristics. In fact, they track more closely to successful people–male and female–than gender.

Amy Morin, psychologist and contributor to Forbes and Psychology Today, has a new best selling book–13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.  I have flipped most of her list to what successful entrepreneurs DO; but the intent is the same. If you want to check out her list, you can read it here.  So check in with yourself and notice where you may be interferring with your own success.

  1. Successful entrepreneurs take responsibility for their circumstances and take action on them. (They do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves.)
  2. They remain the decision makers in their own lives. (They do not give others control and power over their lives, nor say things like, “They made me feel…”.)
  3. People who succeed are flexible and easily adapt to change. (They do not shy away from change.)
  4. Mentally strong people focus on what they can control. (They don’t waste time complaining about things they cannot control like traffic or lost luggage.
  5. Entrepreneurs who achieve their goals appreciate other people’s input and respect different perspectives; however they ultimately keep their own counsel. (They are not people pleasers; they are kind and fair and OK if others are upset.)
  6. They take calculated risks. They weigh the pro’s and con’s and then act. (They are not afraid of taking risks.)
  7. Successful people are focused on the present and planning for the future. (They do not dwell on the past.)
  8. Mentally tough people learn from their mistakes and make new choices. (They don’t make the same mistakes over and over.)
  9. Successful people celebrate other people’s success. (They don’t feel jealous or cheated by other people’s accomplishments.)
  10. Achievers know failure is part of the process of success.  (They do not fear failure, nor do they give up when it happens.)
  11. Mentally tough people enjoy their own company and silence.  (They do not fear being alone.)
  12. Successful people look for opportunities and follow them.  (They do not feel entitled or that others should take care of them.)
  13. Successful entrepreneurs know success comes from positive action taken over and over again.  (They do not expect immediate results.)

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