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Take your vision and make it a reality!

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Take your vision and make it a reality!

Take your vision and make it a reality!

Do you have ideas you never pursue? Why? What are the voices in your head that convince you that pursuing your dreams is not a possibility?

Perhaps, like most women you got those ideas early in life. Maybe you believe the stereotypical entrepreneur is exactly who succeed at starting new businesses–a white, male who is aggressive, independent, and a mavrick. If you don’t see yourself that way, and don’t want to be seen that way, you are not likely to pursue a dream that might make you become what you don’t want, right?

It is time to shatter those stereotypes and make things happen from who we are and how we want to see the world. This film is targeting at helping young girls see successful, women entrepreneur role models.  Yet, young or old, we all need reminding that:

  • You have great ideas
  • Other people would benefit from the value you could offer
  • You are capable of more than you realize
  • No one can do it, but you!


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