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Partnerships can create more power

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Partnerships can create more power

Partnerships can create more power

As business leaders, and especially entrepreneurs, we are often deluded into thinking we have to do it all, be it all, and show no weaknesses. Yet, the leadership of the future will be much more collaborative than hierarchical and women can lead the way by being open to bringing in partners who compliment their own skills rather than fear competition.

This month Women of Influence, a fantastic organization that aims to advance professional women globally, announced their CEO position will be held by two women–Alicia Skalan and Stephanie Viralli. I applaud their move to this co-leadership move.

Sharing the helm can be challenging, especially for our ego. But the rewards of having multiple perspectives, greater breadth of skills, and the ability for one person to step in when a situation is emotionally triggering the other are extremely powerful in achieving your goals. I know in my own life my partners in parenting and in business have often helped me sidestep mistakes and propelled my success.

Whether you own your own company or lead a small team in a big corporation, I challenge you to find ways to work collaboratively with others, partner on projects and positions, and help herald in a new way of doing business.

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