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Abundance is a 360 Experience

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Abundance is a 360 Experience

Abundance is a 360 Experience

Abundance means richness in all parts of your life–health, happiness, and wealth; it is not just about money. That is what Be A Female Millionaire is all about–bringing you closer to the fulfillment in life you desire, including wealth.

Lisa Nichols says,

“Abundance is a 360 Experience–health, relationships, self-awareness, and finances.”

I like the idea of no matter which way you turn–a full 360 degrees–you find abundance in your life. That is what I want to help you achieve. Although many of my trainings help you with specific business skills, like Reading Financials Like a Storybook, all my work aims at helping you create a life of meaning, fulfillment and wealth; and this means every aspect of your life must be part of the plan. Unlike other self-help programs, my Wealth Development Program not only helps motivate you to dream big, it also gives you hands on business skills to help you create the business of your dreams.

Believing in yourself requires both a dream you are passionate about and the confidence in yourself to pursue it. Here is a wonderful video on abundance from my friend Natalie Ledwell interviewing Lisa Nichols. Lisa knows first hand the struggles and rewards of going from having nothing to having it all.

One of the things Lisa talks about is that abundant thinkers think differently than the masses. This is a topic of one of my upcoming webinars, “10 Things Successful People Do NOT Do!” I look forward to sharing these with you and helping you change your thinking to Abundant Thinking!

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