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Are Women 50+ Irrelevant?

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Are Women 50+ Irrelevant?

Are Women 50+ Irrelevant?

That was the question asked in a social media post recently about job searches. It is both disturbing and poignant so I thought it important to share my thoughts here, not just in a reply there.

In a world that idolizes youth, agility, and speed it can feel that most opportunities are passing us by as we age. Yet, your belief about it is more powerful than what is happening in the outer world. If you believe others think you are too old, you will show that in your interactions and the opportunities will not flow. If you focus on what you can add to a team and believe they will be missing something big without you; chances are doors will open.

We have to make ourselves relevant and sometimes that includes rethinking where we choose to make an impact. Ageism does exist, for men and women–although often sooner for women. I coach women around the world and this topic comes up in most countries.

Yet, the real question is what are you passionate about? A passionate person becomes very relevant in her area of passion. Find yours; rather than finding a job. It might mean reinventing your career, or starting your own business, or just finding an industry that you can speak about in an interview where the person opposite you knows they need you on their team and cannot risk having you on the competitions!


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