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Commit to a daily goal & do it

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Commit to a daily goal & do it

Commit to a daily goal & do it

If you want to succeed at anything, you must know what it is you need to do NEXT to achieve it. I like to have my big goal that inspires me and then I also know what my daily goal is that is going to move me towards it.

Do you notice how many days get swallowed up by trivial to-do’s and other people’s requests? If you added up the amount of time spent on those things–running errands, returning calls or emails, you know the stuff–you would find the great majority of your waking hours are not directed by you or aimed at you achieving your dreams. That is a scary realization! You may have some great aspirations; yet, you need organized effort, as well as dreams, to create anything–especially anything important.

Whether you are striving for a C-suite job or the founder of your own company, goals are important and directed actions are even more important.

  • For 3 months, find time to map out your week every Sunday night, or first thing Monday morning.
  • Then each day, before you stop working, make your list of 3 top things you plan to accomplish the next day–star one.
    • These are the things that will move you in the direction of your big goals.
    • Errands do not belong on your list of 3.
    • If you do nothing else the following day, you work on the starred item.
  • Track your successes each day, and note when you let other things distract you from your main objective.
    • Just accomplishing the one starred item every work day will probably result in more things completed than working 80 hour weeks the way you normally work, but it requires honest evaluation along the way.
  • Ask your employees, co-workers, and partners to join you to see your organizations achievements go up exponentially.

I guarantee you if you follow this plan for 90 days, you will be stunned at the progress you will have made and success you will have achieved. It’s your choice–create your dreams, or fill your time; either way, each day will pass.

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