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How Important is Setting Up Your Office

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How Important is Setting Up Your Office

How Important is Setting Up Your Office

Creating an environment that supports happy employees is important for any business. But as an entrepreneur it might just be you running solo. Guess what? Making your own work environment great will be just as important to your future success as later making sure your employees are happy!

When you take time to set your space up well, you will help your productivity, creativity, and inspiration–all contributing to your company’s results.

Whether you work at home or are establishing an office there are specific things you can do to create a good working environment. What are they?

  • Work in well lit areas, more natural lighting is best.

Whenever possible situate your work space near windows. Natural light is known to improve brain power.

  • Make sure you have good air flow–natural, heating and A/C.

Seems obvious, but our brains need oxygen to work well and the more fresh air you have the better your brain will work. Temperatures also are important to your comfort and how long you can sustain focus.

  • Design you space for easy work flow.

Think about the 3 most important things you do at your work space and design everything around that. Do you have meetings regularly? Make sure you have a table for group meetings or two sitting chairs for one-on-ones. Do you work at a computer frequently? Invest in a good chair and the right table height to reduce your fatigue. Do you have a lot of physical paperwork? Make sure you have a file cabinet or other way to keep them sorted. By setting up your space to meet your work flow needs you will reduce clutter and improve your efficiency.

  • Add color or decoration that cheer you and make you smile.

Whether you bring plants into the space, hang pictures or paint the walls it is more important than you may think to make your work space emotionally appealing to you. When you feel comfortable and at ease you work best.

  • Low noise level.

Although you may not be able to control the street noise outside your space, you can pick rooms and locations that remove as much distracting noise as possible. Some noises can easily become background; however, if you spend a lot of time on the phone with clients you do not want a work space that makes your conversations difficult.

If you work from home your challenges can be a bit more tricky since your space is often acting double duty as your kitchen or living room. And with a little creativity you can usually set up a desk in the kitchen, rather than work at the kitchen table (my constant mistake), have a place to move your work items when your are complete for the day, or even use a small partition to block your work from view.

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