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My Challenge to You

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My Challenge to You

My Challenge to You

The lack of women in C-suite positions and a basic gender pay gap continue to be in the news. And theories of why abound as well as suggestions for changing it. But I challenge you to look at what you, yes you, can do to change this in your own circle of influence. Here are a few things you might add to your 2016 goals that could be a game changer for another woman. (And let’s face it, these statistics are made of up one woman at a time.)

  • Mentor a younger woman.
  • Buy products and services from women founded & run companies.
  • Be an angel investor in a woman’s vision.

You do not have to be a CEO to mentor a younger woman. You might help a college student navigate her career choices, help a new woman in your company meet people, or formally mentor a woman in a position below you.

You do not have to be rich to help another woman launch her business. You can commit to learning about women run businesses and support those you feel inspired about. Support can come in many forms– support her with your consumer dollars, use her products in your own company, or even just help spread the word about what she is doing.

And of course, if you have money consider taking a percentage to invest in women entrepreneurs. Any wise investment strategy includes diversified portfolios and investing specifically in women can help you achieve that.

Studies show that women have to work harder than men to be included in circles of influence. Rather than wait for men to include us, it is time we make sure we are moving the bar ourselves.

Take action in 2015 to widen another woman’s circle of influence.

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