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Overcome Fear with Action

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Overcome Fear with Action

Overcome Fear with Action

Have you decided on a BIG goal for this coming year? I hope so. Big goals are the ones that get your juices flowing when you think about them, feel like life will have been worthwhile when you achieve them, and make getting up in the morning exciting! Big goals now only bring you wealth, they contribute abundance to your community, and impact our world. Make this the year you aim for the stars!

If you are like many people, big goals can also paralyze you with fear–maybe they seem so unattainable, too much for you and your experience level, or even just require to big a time commitment. These are the thoughts that halt you in your tracks and keep you living a smaller life than you are destined for, but I have an antidote for thoughts of doubt and anxiety.

Take even one small action towards achieving your goal every day, rather than let the magnitude of the whole task overwhelm you, and soon you will find yourself believing you can achieve your dream!

Just take the next step!

Fear, doubt, and anxiety have a way of building momentum the minute you give them attention. And they use your reason, logic, critical thinking and past experiences to build a mammoth case against you going for your goals. Arguing with these thoughts is useless; they always have more evidence to display or risks to warn of.

Yet, I have found that any movement forward changes the attention of my thoughts. Without the food of my attention, my anxiety and fear subside and my enthusiasm and confidence grow. It is a simple equation and it works every time!

  • Fear or doubt creep in…
  • Get busy!
  • Your action creates positive results, then…
  • Your positive results feed your confidence and enthusiasm, which
  • Inspires more and greater action
  • Creating bigger and better results
  • ….You get the picture!

Make this year your best year thus far! Dream big. Be bold. And take action. You will be surprised how far you will go and how much you will achieve when you do!



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