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Why you have a better chance to succeed than well-trained business people!

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Why you have a better chance to succeed than well-trained business people!

Why you have a better chance to succeed than well-trained business people!

Have you hesitated to pursue the business of your dreams because you fear you don’t have enough financial, marketing or organizational skills to run a company.

Take heart! You may be better equipped to succeed at a start-up than someone with more business training. Why? Because business experience has less to do with start-up success than you may think. In fact, people who have run large departments, had big budgets, and made good mid-level managers may actually fail because of their experience, which can lead to a higher level of expectations for spending, support staff and other things just not available to a start-up.

Business skills can be learned; entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. This means that YOU might have what it takes for start-up success, no matter what your experience!


Rather than diminish your experience, take a moment to evaluate your skills and strengths of personality. There are three areas of entrepreneurial mindset–thinking, acting, and relating.

How many things that make up the entrepreneurial mindset do you already possess?

These are the key characteristics and mindset of a successful entrepreneur that can be developed in the home or as a volunteer just as readily as in a managerial job:



  • Vision; when you’re dissatisfied with something it leads you to find new ideas and ways to do things.
  • Ability to learn new skills, tackle new jobs, ask for help when needed, seek feedback, and adapt to new info.
  • Identifying problems early, frequently scanning your world to keep one step ahead.
  • Value innovation and creativity, over risk avoidance.
  • Know your unique skills and assets and building something that capitalizes on what’s there.


  • Tendency to solve problems, not talk about them.
  • Ability to create clear plans for achieving goals.
  • Willingness to try, regardless of the odds.
  • Work in terms of task/project completion, not hours.
  • Don’t easily give up- you’re persistent.


  • Capacity to rally other people to a cause or vision.
  • Belief in yourself and your idea.
  • Enjoy collaboration.
  • Willingness to seek help, gain supporters, create a tribe.

Whether you’ve been making meals from what is already in the refrigerator, creatively stretching a family budget, rallying volunteers for a cause, staying one step ahead of a toddler, or running someone else’s business you may have developed many or most of these skills.

Only when you assess your skills from the viewpoint of entrepreneurial thinking, not business skills, can you truly know if you have what it takes to succeed starting your own business.



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