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Can Businesses Be Agents of Change

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Can Businesses Be Agents of Change

Can Businesses Be Agents of Change

Businesses are the go to place to change the world

~ Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos

Her reasoning parallel’s my thoughts that in public service sectors you are often paralyzed by the bureaucracy of the same organizations intended to do good, hampering the great intentions of so many who aspire to make the world a better place; whereas in business you have an opportunity to make a decision to make an impact–often with a few people around one table who can decide and act.

Women entrepreneurs are bringing their passions to their businesses in large numbers, many succeeding beyond their wildest imagination. You have the requisite love of something to take it big. What is it?

Recently, I was told by an investment banker friend of mine that 20 years ago if you discussed the impact of your investment on social good you were dismissed as not investment worthy. Today though, impact investing–as it is called–is a requisite to an investment banker’s fiduciary responsibility to his or her shareholders. Times have changed.

Take advantage of the new impact investment environment. Find your passion. Create a plan. Then start taking action!

Who knows how many might be helped by your inspired action, or what might be lost if you don’t?

If you need help getting started, take my Wealth Development Program to get you started down the path of making a for-profit difference in your life, your family’s abundance, and the thriving of others.

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