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Looking for Capital?

Looking for Capital?

I often urge you to start companies with a purpose–ones with social impact that will really make you feel you have an impact and I recognize that those decisions can make raising capital even harder than it might already be for you as a woman. So when I came across a curated list of investment firms that specialize in impact investing, I wanted to share it with you immediately.

Cause Capitalism, founded by Olivia Khalili, put this great resource list together. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their companies by adding a social purpose to their mission. Her go to list is:

  • Acumen Fund: Focus on solving problems of global poverty through loans and equity in India, Pakistan and East and South Africa.
  • Big Issue Investment: Focus on medium-term growth capital.
  • Calvert Group: Early, direct investments.
  • Central Fund: Strong focus on sustainable jobs for low-income populations; services for distressed communities.
  • City Light Capital: Early stage, social mission-driven companies; focus on good financial returns.
  • Clean Technology Venture Capital: Invests in mid-sized alternative energy companies with promising exits.
  • First Light (an iniatitave of Gray Ghost Ventures): Incubator and investment partner to seed-stage, for-profit social ventures
  • Good Capital: Expansion fund; high-engagement, hands-on investment partner.
  • Gray Ghost Ventures: Early stage enterprises focused on low-income communities in emerging markets.
  • Investors’ Circle: Investors’ Circle matches social entrepreneurs with its circle of angel investors.
  • Root Capital: Focus on grassroots businesses in rural areas of developing countries.
  • Shared Interest: Invests in fair trade businesses.
  • TBL Capital: Focus on social enterprises in consumer products, service providers, software, clean technology, green building, health and wellness, and retail.
  • Triodos Bank: Equity and debt fundraising; Social Enterprise Fund and EIS Green Funds.
  • Underdog Ventures: Focus on natural and organic food, environment and conservation, socially responsible consumer products, and socially responsible investment companies.

You can find even more at her website.

Finding investors can be like getting married. You will be with these people for a long time and you want them pushing you towards your goals; not driving you away from them for short term profits. Finding the right investors who believe in your mission is key and these people might help you find the perfect match that makes you want to say, “I do.”

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