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You Can Do Your Dream; and You Can Succeed at it!

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You Can Do Your Dream; and You Can Succeed at it!

You Can Do Your Dream; and You Can Succeed at it!

Women are making progress on many fronts of business. In this article by Carol Leaman she describes the changing eco-system for women entrepreneurs. It’s not all pretty, but the trends certainly say if you want to start your own company, you can do it and you can succeed.

Successful women are becoming well known and even men are taking notice. Men like billionaire Warren Buffet, who stated in a Fortune essay that two of his role models are women–journalist/editor, Carol Loomis and former Washington post publisher, Katharine Graham. Another well known male, Kevin O’Leary, an investor on the SharkTank, was quoted in a Business Insider article as saying none of the companies in his investment portfolio run by men outperform those run by women and fifty five percent of his companies have women CEO’s.

Although women still do not receive funding as readily as men and often have to prove themselves to a greater degree, your biggest obstacle to success will always be your confidence. If you believe you will succeed, you are much more likely to find your pot of gold.

So rather than hold back on your dreams, go forward full speed AND find the help, support, partners, and knowledge you need to believe in YOU!


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