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Learn How From Women Who Have

Learn How From Women Who Have

When I advice women entrepreneurs there are four key things I tell them:

  1. Find role models, advisors, and other people doing what you want to do. Study them. Learn from them. Follow them.
  2. Think big. Plan expansive. Exude possibilities when you talk about your idea.
  3. Become comfortable with the numbers. Rather than shy away from the financial side of your business, become a queen of numbers. Get help. Invest time learning. Ask questions.
  4. Continue to invest in yourself–knowledge, well-being, confidence, industry savvy, connections.

If you are starting a business, watching this video from the Inc Women’s Summit hosting powerful women will help you with all four of these key elements. You will be studying how successful women think. You will see why expanding your vision to something bigger is important and hear how investing in yourself is paramount. Lastly, you will learn something about finance, talking to investors, and the options of raising capital for your business. It is 30 minutes every women (or male) entrepreneur should invest in themselves.

The women you will hear from have years of experience and varied backgrounds to help you become the successful entrepreneur you want to be.

  • Susan Lyne, Founder BBG Capital
  • Jeanne Sullivan, Founder Starvest
  • Jennifer Lee, Managing Director B of AO
  • Jen Groover, CEO Leader Girlz
  • Kimberley Weisel, Editor-at-large Inc Magazine

Enjoy and continue to invest in yourself.


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