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Creating Luck

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Creating Luck

Creating Luck

Recently I wrote about the art of serendipity in life in a blog at But the keys to creating luck in your life also apply to business.

As a business person, you have been conditioned to avoid randomness and control your outcomes. Yet, luck and serendipity defy reason and are inhibited by control. The funny thing is although business skills train against going with the flow, some of the most prominently successful business people in the world claim serendipity as a big piece of their achievements so it might be important to look at what you can do to create a little more luck. Sergey Brin, founder of Google, was quoted at the Web 2.0 conference as saying “dumb luck” was responsible for Googles remarkable growth and success.

Chance or luck definitely plays a part in creating these moments of pure genius. However, chance alone would leave your to very minimal odds of getting that stroke of luck you desire. And because serendipity requires a bit of trust in life and going with what is presented, it can make you feel a little out of control–which few of us like to feel.

What specific things can you do to increase the serendipity and luck in your business?

  • Take action on those crazy small ideas that come your way. Everyone gets those nudges, hunches, and ideas; but what will affects your success is do you follow them? Don’t let your rational mind convince you the idea is silly or unrealistic. The people who tend to be lucky more of the time, listen to these crazy nudges.
  • Make new connection.! The more people you meet the more opportunities you will find. It is really a matter of numbers. Put yourself in situations more often where you might meet the right person or learn something that puts your dreams in motion.
  • Collaborate rather than compete. Traditional business models worry about showing your hand in business. However, more successes come from collaboration than from outsmarting the next guy. Be willing to talk about your idea and get feedback, ideas and most importantly support from others to achieve your goal.
  • Prepare your mind like you would till the soil of a farm. The more you invest in learning about your business market, industry and business in general,  the more likely you will be to stumble upon that million dollar idea.
  • Believe in yourself and your idea. Perhaps the most important element of creating serendipitous success in your business is believing in yourself and your idea. Few successful people got there without deep valleys and setbacks. You will need a strong faith in your outcome to navigate these unfriendly waters. When you really believe you will succeed then setbacks become detours rather than failure. Continually feed the vision of where you want to be so that when times look bleak your vision will sustain you.
  • Go with the flow. You may have a well thought out plan. But if something appears from left field that doesn’t match your plan but looks promising; take a risk and follow what life presents. Sometimes humility that we do not know everything can help us achieve anything!

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