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Do You Have What It Takes?

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Having the mental toughness to be an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like an overwhelming battle of nerves. Like any saleswoman, you are selling your vision at every moment–to investors, bankers, employees, customers, suppliers, even to yourself some days.

Entrepreneurs have to be resilient when things don’t go as planned, visionary to inspire others, persuasive to create something from nothing, and tough when decisions need to be made. Some weeks you may question whether you have what it takes.

This article by Amy Morin is a great list to check how you stack up on 18 habits that demonstrate mental toughness. Find the areas you are weak in and commit to changing just one. You will be delighted at how much impact one change can make. Although all 18 habits are great, the ones I have found that can make the biggest difference in your success are:

  1. Practice gratitude. Incorporating this gem into your life is so easy, yet rarely done. Start and end each day by writing down what you are grateful for. At the beginning of the day make it all the things you might feel grateful for and at the end of the day take note of what happened that day that went well. This small investment of time will pay off major dividends.
  2. Focus on what you can control. Replaying concern over things you cannot change creates stress and distracts you from taking action on what you can impact.
  3. Set healthy boundaries. Saying no can be tough when you see the value in something. But you cannot do everything and meeting your own priorities is essential if you are going to succeed. Learn more about saying ‘no’ in my blog here.
  4. Tolerate discomfort. Succeeding at something new means there are no guarantees. If there were, there would be no reward. Going beyond your comfort zone goes with the territory of becoming successful. Learn to enjoy the unknown rather than avoid it. I talk about this and two other keys to success in my “3 Keys to Success” training, giving you concrete ways to improve your chances of winning.


By exercising your mental toughness muscle you will not only improve your chance of success but also your enjoyment of the journey.



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