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How to Easily Double Your Productivity

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How to Easily Double Your Productivity

How to Easily Double Your Productivity

Do you feel like your busy, yet not enough gets done most days? Well, join the club. The average person spins their wheels, feels frustrated by how little they accomplish, and yet is tired from working too hard.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. The trick? Simply stop doing so many things. I know it sounds counter-intuitive; however, research shows that our modern propensity to multi-tasking is increasing stress and reducing our ability to get things done. Just by doing two things you can dramatically increase how much you get done each day and improve your sense of well-being.

  1. Work on one thing at a time and complete the task or a significant milestone within it before moving on.
  2. Create barriers to interruptions–turn off your phone, don’t check emails, and close the door or put in earphones.

Gloria Mark, a University of California professors says it takes us over 23 minutes to return to our original task when we are interrupted. When you consider the number of interruptions we allow and even encourage each day, that is a huge amount of wasted time keeping us from meeting our goals. She also points out that our brain finds switching between tasks to be extremely draining, so by limiting the number of things you attempt each day you actually have more brain power to do them well!

Ok, there is actually one more thing to add to your productivity. Take quality breaks during your work. Studies show that 15 minutes in nature or letting your mind wander can actually improve your cognitive capability to solve complex problems and find creative solutions to what vexes you. So while staying focused on one thing at a time, take the time to move around and daydream!

When coaching entrepreneurs one of the most important things I have them do is focus first thing in the morning on their most important goal. Whether you dedicate only 30 minutes each day or the whole morning, you will see big results from doing what matters first.

You can learn some easy tricks for helping you achieve this type of focus in my Wealth Development Program.

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