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What makes Amy your BEST resource to build wealth and the life you choose?

AmyBeilharzHEADNaturally, when it comes to getting help with personal wealth-creation or learning all the ins-and-outs of securing funding for a business, you want someone with a proven track record of success.

And that’s Amy!

A Harvard MBA, entrepreneur and mother of 4, Amy Beilharz and her business ventures have been featured in such publications as the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, and Texas Monthly Magazine, on television shows like PBS’s Texas Country Reporter, and even on the Disney Family website.

Having risen through the ranks of Fortune 50 companies such as IBM and Smith Kline, she has also been in the trenches of start-up companies and consulted entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar companies alike.

Some of Amy’s many accomplishments include:

  • Spearheading four business start‐ups (and being the Founder of 3 of those)
  • Working in high-tech, low-tech, and service industries
  • Establishing a respected reputation in Marketing, Operations, and General Management
  • Managing Hardware, Software, and Mechanical Engineering teams
  • Managing more than 200 employees
  • Earning over $50 million in revenue
  • Managing millions of dollars in Expense and R&D budgets
  • Raising millions in business capital
  • Participating in two mergers and acquisitions
  • Owning and operating a regional distribution company (and then selling it for over $2 million to a NY stock exchange listed company!)
  • Owning and operating a manufacturing company
  • Taking products from conception to market for IBM (including TWO major product launches on Madison Avenue in NY City, with more than 200 members of the press in attendance, and doing interviews with WSJ, ABC, NBC and CBS news)
  • Serving as Director of Sales & Marketing for a small start-up company during the cellular industry’s infancy (creating marketing campaigns to “convince” people they needed these devices!)
  • Owning and operating a successful eco-tourism company with multi-million-dollar revenue (and having it featured on the FRONT PAGE of the NY Times travel section)… & more, to top the list!


Why does Amy relate to women so well?

She has been in your shoes…
amy beilharzAlong with all her business successes, she accomplished it all as she raised and home-schooled four children, including three girls.

These days, Amy lives her passion for teaching other women – from stalled and frustrated career women to stay-at-home moms craving more from life – how to master their professional and financial picture, once and for all.

Whether that means more money for your family, or funding a major business start-up, Amy has the solution you’re looking for … and brings it to you through her services; online training classes, 1-on-1 coaching, group mentoring, and her upcoming book Be A Female Millionaire.

Not your traditional wealth-building strategies!

Amy is quick to point out that these are not your traditional wealth-building strategies. That’s because…

Women today are ushering in a whole new success model of Collaboration over Competition, shifting things away from the “old boys’ club” way of doing things and setting entirely new standards for how success is reached … both in business, and at home.


But even knowing this…

In their efforts to be successful – whether as a career woman or stay-at-home mom – many women have limited themselves to helping others achieve success (whether it is their company, their spouse, or their children) – leaving their own dreams on the sidelines.


And in the process, many women have lost their sense of power and influence.


That’s why Amy makes it her mission to guide women to develop their innate strengths, capitalize on the changing business and entrepreneurial environment, and create new businesses, products, and networks that build long-term financial success.

In her own words…

Many women today feel dissatisfied and experience unrest with their life and the world as they see it.  These women are questioning their value and wondering what they can do to be more fulfilled and feel their work matters.


They know something is wrong, but do not quite know what. They know they have value to offer, but do not quite know how to create money – real money – doing it.


And that’s where I come in.


I help these women find their true strength … and then turn it into money, influence, and a lifetime of fulfillment. Because you see – you really CAN do what inspires you, what ignites that passion within you, and create tremendous wealth at the same time.


My technique focuses on both the “inner work” of uncovering what makes each woman truly excited … and also the practical aspects of how to make millions doing it.


And the best part? It can be FAR easier than you ever thought possible!”

Proven results, from proven techniques…

Amy Beilharz changes lives and businesses!

Learn more about the services Amy offers and how she can help you transform your life, your business, and your family…

Here’s a short list of just SOME of the things you can accomplish with Amy’s help:

  • Identify your strengths and uncover where your PASSION lies
  • Boost your confidence and develop the expertise required to make millions doing what you’re already good at and passionate about
  • Get your hands on the tools you need to ACHIEVE your goals
  • Create a business that feeds your SOUL while it fills your bank account
  • Tap into your NATURAL source of pure power, to increase your influence and become a leader – at work, at home, and within your community
  • Develop a forward-thinking business model that attracts funding, and can lead to MASSIVE profits
  • Manifest abundance for your business, your family, and your community


Proven results, from proven techniques…
Amy Beilharz changes lives and businesses!

Learn more about the services Amy offers and how she can help you transform your life, your business, and your family…

“Amy has both an intuitive and practical coaching approach based on her many years of experience.

After just ONE conversation with Amy about my struggle to define what my real goals were, she helped me understand the difference between goals that stretch, excite, and make your heart sing versus those based on outward influences and perceived wants or needs.

Amy gave me a practical exercise that quickly helped me clarify my BIG goals. Since then, those BIG goals have been my focus – and the journey toward them now excites and stretches me, and makes me tingle every day! – Anne Lochhead – Melbourne, Australia

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