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  • Debbie knows the 3 keys to Success!

    Debbie knows the 3 keys to Success!

    Debbie Sterling, CEO and Founder of GoldieBlox, tells the same keys to success that I teach. When women ask me what it takes to be a self-made female millionaire I tell them they need to do three key things. 1. Be willing to take a leap of faith. 2. Listen to their inner voice, and […]

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Be Your Own Boss

    Working for someone else can be easy, comfortable, and safe.  Yet, it often does not let our light shine and our hearts sing.  Do you have an idea in you that you have not allowed to see the light of day? Awhile back fellow Harvard Business School grad, Jules Pieri, wrote this inspirational blog about […]

  • Do you dress for success?

    Do you dress for success?

    What does that mean to you?  A recent article about this in the Houston Chronicle tickled my thoughts about how executive women dress.  In the 80’s it meant women (me) wore blue pin strip suits (skirts not pantsuits), padded shoulders in their jackets (I once was told my jacket had more padding than an NFL player), cute little […]

  • Are you burned out?

    Are you burned out?

    I find when I am becoming burned out it is a sure indication that my days are filled with things I need to do but not things that inspire me.  I can work long and hard when I am inspired.  Burn out is a key indicator I am off track.  Forbes recently did an article […]

  • What are you excited about?

    What are you excited about?

    “What are you most excited about right now?”  What a great conversation starter!  This article by Kate Northrup really highlights my mantra–do what you love, be passionate about what you do, find goals that inspire you and every thing else will fall into place. Give yourself permission to create a beautiful vegetable garden and feel […]

  • Creating our own “Good ol’ Boys Club”

    Creating our own “Good ol’ Boys Club”

    Do you work hard and have great ideas but just somehow feel like you are swimming upstream or just don’t quite get where you thought you would? Do you question your abilities, your credentials, and maybe wonder if you really have what it takes? At a Harvard conference last year I learned some things about […]

  • The career advice you probably didn’t get

    The career advice you probably didn’t get

    To succeed you need to be able to demonstrate to bankers, investors or top management that you understand your business, where it is headed and your role in taking it there! In this Ted Talk Susan Colantuono speaks plainly and honestly about how this holds so many women back. I can help you look at […]

  • Woman in a Man’s World

    Woman in a Man’s World

    Can you imagine being the first women in venture capital? To put this in perspective, today after 30+ years of women in venture capital there are fewer than 4% of senior VC’s who are women! Now imagine, again, how out of place Kathryn Gould must have been in these early years in a man’s world. […]

  • 5 Tips for Working Moms

    5 Tips for Working Moms

    What can you do when you are not home after school to connect with your child, help with homework, and maintain a close connection with their daily life? Find a routine you can commit to and be there at those times. Use these times to discuss classes, homework and any wins or challenges. Most importantly, […]

  • Should New Business Start-Ups Fake It or Not?

    Should New Business Start-Ups Fake It or Not?

    Start-up entrepreneurs often struggle between looking good to outsiders and being honest about where they are in their company’s development. Do you know when to fake it until you make it and when to fully disclose your position?   From the title of Danielle Tate’s article, Fake It Till You Make It For Startups in […]

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