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  • What Drives You — Your Problems or Your Dreams?

    What Drives You — Your Problems or Your Dreams?

    Do you find that you spend more of your time handling problems than pursuing your dreams? You are not alone. Most people when asked how they spend their time find they are managing circumstances and handling problems far more than they are actually working on achieving their dreams. Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be […]

  • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable!

    Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable!

    Ingrid Vanderveldt has a powerful goal to Empower a Billion Women by 2020. A successful entrepreneur herself, she is on a mission to help other women. One of her most important messages to women is to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” She understands that intuition, one of our strengths is what has helped her succeed […]

  • Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    As entrepreneurs and business leaders it is important that we are honest with ourselves–brutally honest. As much as we need bravado and confidence to do what we do, we still have our own career and livelihood at stake as well as those we employ and our investors money. But how do you tell the difference […]

  • Learn How From Women Who Have

    Learn How From Women Who Have

    When I advice women entrepreneurs there are four key things I tell them: Find role models, advisors, and other people doing what you want to do. Study them. Learn from them. Follow them. Think big. Plan expansive. Exude possibilities when you talk about your idea. Become comfortable with the numbers. Rather than shy away from the […]

  • Hiring 101

    Hiring 101

    Building a team is one of the critical jobs of an entrepreneur, and one of the most important factors in building a cohesive and enthusiastic team happens before they are hired–during the interview. Who you hire will obviously affect your team’s comradery so honing your interview skills can save you lots of time and struggle later. […]

  • Creating Luck

    Creating Luck

    Recently I wrote about the art of serendipity in life in a blog at But the keys to creating luck in your life also apply to business. As a business person, you have been conditioned to avoid randomness and control your outcomes. Yet, luck and serendipity defy reason and are inhibited by control. The […]

  • Think Big

    Think Big

    When you think of micro-loans what comes to mind? Probably women in third world countries. Conversely, when you think of entrepreneurs what image is in your mind? A 30-something man more than likely. Here are some statistics that might surprise you: 5.5 million jobs will be create between now and 2018 by women founded companies. Women […]

  • Your Investment Dollars Make Waves

    Your Investment Dollars Make Waves

    Why do we think a $4 cup of fair trade organic coffee in a reusable cup can make a difference but we think our $4,000 investment in stocks or bonds cannot? This is a great question posed by Audrey Choi in her Ted Talk, “How to make a profit while making a difference.” If you […]

  • Is Work an Option?

    Is Work an Option?

    Recent research shows that the majority of U.S. families depend on their mother working–yet, we continue to live in a society that assumes work is optional for women. This mindset results in fewer pro-family laws to ensure a mother can earn a fair and equal pay to her male colleagues, mothers (or fathers) can stay […]

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