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  • Women of Influence

    Women of Influence

    So often I read about how women struggle to achieve their goals, suffer from lack of investment funding as entrepreneurs, and have so many strikes against us winning at the game of life. Yet, when I look at the numerous powerful women in the world I have to wonder: If they did it, what is stopping […]

  • Creating Luck

    Creating Luck

    Recently I wrote about the art of serendipity in life in a blog at But the keys to creating luck in your life also apply to business. As a business person, you have been conditioned to avoid randomness and control your outcomes. Yet, luck and serendipity defy reason and are inhibited by control. The […]

  • Is Work an Option?

    Is Work an Option?

    Recent research shows that the majority of U.S. families depend on their mother working–yet, we continue to live in a society that assumes work is optional for women. This mindset results in fewer pro-family laws to ensure a mother can earn a fair and equal pay to her male colleagues, mothers (or fathers) can stay […]

  • Do You Have “That Type” of Business?

    Do You Have “That Type” of Business?

    Do you doubt if your company or idea can grow to over one million dollars in revenue, ten million, or even more? Perhaps you don’t think the type of business you are creating is “that type of business.” If that is how you feel, you are not alone. Women entrepreneurs across the board underestimate what they […]

  • Commit to a daily goal & do it

    Commit to a daily goal & do it

    If you want to succeed at anything, you must know what it is you need to do NEXT to achieve it. I like to have my big goal that inspires me and then I also know what my daily goal is that is going to move me towards it. Do you notice how many days get […]

  • How is your company’s social progress index?

    How is your company’s social progress index?

    Recently, one of my past Harvard Business School professor’s recent work was highlighted in the Harvard Magazine–“Putting Social Progress on Par with Prosperity.” I love this concept. They measured things like access to medical care, nutrition, personal rights, and other factors deemed important to quality of life and happiness of a country’s citizens. Yet, a country’s […]

  • Is Your Team On-Purpose?

    Is Your Team On-Purpose?

    Have you noticed as summer ends that everyone, not just you, has a slightly different rhythm and your team is less in sync? All summer long different people have been on vacation at various times, focus has drifted, and your team has become less of a energized unit and more a group of people working […]

  • Sleep to Succeed

    Sleep to Succeed

    How much sleep do you get each night? Perhaps you have good intentions for early evenings but find yourself putting the finishing touches on that proposal, updating your website, or answering an important email just a little later than planned. It’s an easy trap, doing one more thing to make tomorrow a little less stressful. However, mounting evidence […]

  • Ignorance is not bliss

    Ignorance is not bliss

    Despite the fact that only 5% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women, in a survey of corporate executives both men and women estimated that number to be an average of 23%. My own shock at these and other gender statistics five years ago created my passion to help create gender neutrality for my girls […]

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