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  • Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Most entrepreneurs I speak with often find their personal life and health at odds with their success. “It goes with the territory,” they claim. Does it? Let’s look at this against well-documented start-up data. Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney started a company called Play Bigger after successful careers in high-tech looking […]

  • Is Work an Option?

    Is Work an Option?

    Recent research shows that the majority of U.S. families depend on their mother working–yet, we continue to live in a society that assumes work is optional for women. This mindset results in fewer pro-family laws to ensure a mother can earn a fair and equal pay to her male colleagues, mothers (or fathers) can stay […]

  • Do You Have “That Type” of Business?

    Do You Have “That Type” of Business?

    Do you doubt if your company or idea can grow to over one million dollars in revenue, ten million, or even more? Perhaps you don’t think the type of business you are creating is “that type of business.” If that is how you feel, you are not alone. Women entrepreneurs across the board underestimate what they […]

  • Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    One of your biggest stumbling blocks for growing your business is expanding your employee pool to meet demand while maintaining your desired company culture, ensuring employees get the needed training to succeed, having employees who can grow with your changing landscape, and keeping turnover low so you don’t have to spend time finding replacements for those who leave. Although you might […]

  • Disruptive Strategy

    Disruptive Strategy

    The current buzz word in business, and even other spaces like self-help, is to find ways to be disruptive to existing organizations, industries, and ways of doing things.  I have read more articles and posts than I care to count that say, “Disrupt or be disrupted!” Something about this latest way of looking at things has […]

  • Pouring your heart into your business

    Pouring your heart into your business

    All entrepreneurs pour their hearts into their business.  Starting a business is like having a baby (albeit at the 9-month mark you could still walk away from a business and all us mothers know that is not a possibility with birthing a real baby–no turning back!) After putting so much of your very soul into […]

  • Nice girls finish….

    Nice girls finish….

    In the 1980’s I struggled between being considered “too nice” to be taken seriously in business and the ultimate slap of being a “hardened bitch.” Many women today still struggle with labels and image–whether as entrepreneurs or within a corporate role. What is the magic formula? Too often women are not themselves because they fear […]

  • Are you a woman business owner?

    Are you a woman business owner?

    Here are some interesting statistics about woman business owners. Rather than fighting the corporate world for: equal pay, family friendly policies and promotions to the top …many women are leaving that struggle behind to start their own companies. In fact, according to a report commissioned by American Express, women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in […]

  • Make Defeat only Temporary

    Make Defeat only Temporary

    Almost four years ago a wildfire burned through my land and destroyed much of my existing business and took with it many of our ancient 400 to 600-year-old cypress trees. Evacuating customers, employees and my children is a memory I will not forget.  Since then we have rebuilt.  It has been slow and sometimes back-breaking work–literally […]

  • Don’t Live Flatlined: Turn your Passion into Reality

    Don’t Live Flatlined: Turn your Passion into Reality

    When you talk about your goals, projects, or work do you light up, start talking faster and with enthusiasm? If not, you need to really question whether you are trading your precious time–of which you can never get back–for something worthy of your investment. Today on a group call, I was once again overwhelmed at […]

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